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Project Description

  • GEIA/ACCENT Activity on Emission Databases
  • The goal of the GEIA/ACCENT activity on emissions is to provide an access to inventories of anthropogenic, biomass burning and natural emissions for a wide set of coumpounds. These emission data come from different publically available inventories.

    The coumpounds considered in the databases are ozone precursors, greenhouse gases, organo-halogens, aerosols and their precursors, and several heavy metals.

  • A cooperative effort
  • The database is developed within the ACCENT European project and the GEIA (Global Emissions Inventory Activity) project which is part of the AIMES project (Analysis of the Integrated Modelling of the Earth system). AIMES is the new integration project of IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Program) .

    The database is developed and maintained by Aude Mieville ( and Claire Granier (

    Reference: GEIA-ACCENT database, an international cooperative activity of AIMES/IGBP, sponsored by the ACCENT EU Network of Excellence, available from and, 2005

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